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The website is fully SSL Secure. This means you can verify the ownership of the website and trust that you are making transactions from a legitimate website. Additionally, all data submitted by you is SSL encrypted, rendering it very difficult - if not impossible - for such data to be intercepted and used fraudulently. We DO NOT store any bank account details, or bank card details.


Product descriptions are general in nature, and describe the products accurately at the time of being added to the website. However, we obtain our stock from a variety of manufacturers and there may be slight differences in the materials. Where these differences are significant (such as the engravability) we will advise you in the written descriptions.

IMAGES are illustrative only, and shape and colour may vary from those shown in our graphics. As computer monitors display colours according to how a monitor is calibrated, it is not possible to render accurate colours. (See below).


This website advertises and sells products online. It is suitable for viewing by all age groups. In order to purchase goods, you will need to pay by credit card or via a PayPal account, so this limits transactional capability to people who have such a method to pay for the goods.

We will not knowingly sell goods to a person who does not have the transactional capability to pay for them and this implies that we do not sell goods to minors.

The products offered for sale on this website are illustrated by images and there is always a possibility that the image used on the website may not exactly represent the product being displayed. Images are therefore for illustrative purposes only. We reserve the right to substitute a product with one of equivalent features and value, and will contact you via email or telephone if there is sufficient difference to warrant discussion.

No goods will be made up or shipped until full payment has been made.


Customers select the products they wish to purchase by navigating to those products through links provided on the website.

Many products require your personal input before they can be added to your shopping basket. Examples of such products are engraved tags, where we need to know what you would like us to engrave on the tag(s).

You provide these details by completing required input fields on the product's page(s).

The site will not allow a personalised product to be added to the shopping basket until you have CONFIRMED your selection in the final input field.

When you have selected all the products you wish to purchase, you can VIEW your shopping basket, where you will see all items listed, plus a small image of the item(s), the quantity you are ordering, the unit price and the total price.

You can DELETE or UPDATE items in your order using links and symbols on the shopping cart page.

The shopping cart page also shows you the SHIPPING (postage) OPTIONS and the COST of each option available to you. These options are determined by the SHIPPING DESTINATION ADDRESS you choose, and can change if you select different countries/regions. Foreign countries, for example, will only be offered Airmail as a postage/shipping option.

UK shipping destinations are offered more options, including:

  • Free postage (Royal Mail 2nd Class)
  • Priority Postage (Royal Mail 1st Class)
  • Special Delivery (Royal Mail Special Delivery - Recorded) *This service is by request only - please email or telephone.

You select your postal/shipping option during the CHECKOUT PHASE of your visit. The site will automatically update total payment due after your selection is made.

If you wish to send your item to a different postal address, you can add this address at the CHECKOUT PHASE. Again, the site will automatically update to show postage options relevant to the shipping destination you choose.

Please note that your bank card account, or PayPal account (if you choose this paayment option) are charged immediately. More detail on this is available at the link below:-




All prices are shown INCLUSIVE OF VAT (where applicable).






Before you submit your order:-

If you wish to alter, delete or modify your order BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT to us, you can make such changes using features within the website.

You can select and alter shipping addresses and shipping methods during the checkout phase. You can also add a different shipping address at this phase of your visit.

If there are errors in your BILLING ADDRESS, your payment may fail. Our payment processor requires accurate information regarding your name and billing address. This is for security and personal data verification reasons, and is there to reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions.

If you need to ADD COMMENTS or ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS to your order, you have an opportunity to append these to your order as a final step in the check-out phase.

After you submit your order:-

If there are errors in your order AFTER you have submitted it AND PAID, then it is essential you CONTACT US as soon as possible to report the errors.

If we cannot contact you by phone or email, we may choose to write a letter to you. This can delay production significantly.

If we cannot contact you by any reasonable means, we will put your item(s) "on-hold" until you wonder what's happening, and get in touch to find out.

In general, WE PRODUCE WHAT YOU ASK FOR, and therefore take no responsibility or liability for errors which are made by you on all orders placed, paid for, and delivered to you in good faith.


We do not have a physical retail outlet, but we accept UK orders by telephone or email vial the Contact pagel.


Please do not send cash, cheques, postal orders, money orders, or credit card numbers via email or through the post. Provide a telephone number in your correspondence and we will phone you for card details.

We have the authority from our payment processor to take card details over the phone, and will need your full name (as shown on the card), the card details, AND the card billing address.

We do not store this information. We use it to immediately process your payment and all record of it is destroyed in line with our bank's requirements for data handling.

We do not accept cheques, neither do we offer credit terms.


Upon completion of your order and final payment, the system will automatically and immediatey email you a CONFIRMATION RECEIPT. This will reach you only if the email address you provide is current and valid. It is your record of your purchase and should be stored by you - either on your computer, or by being printed out and filed manually.

If you choose to pay using a PayPal account, PayPal will also email you a transaction record, to the email address registered by you at PayPal.

Bank Card payments will be reflected in the relevant bank statement and are referenced as payments to BETTATAGS.

The transaction is also recorded on our system, and can be recalled by you, by logging into the website and following the "My Account" link which appears at both the top of every web page, and in the website footer area. You can print out this data as a record of your purchase, if you wish. It also serves as your invoice.

INVOICES can be accessed from your account area. Login, then use the MY ACCOUNT link to access your account data and invoices. Printed invoices / order confirmations (on paper) will be provided ON REQUEST ONLY. There is no postal fee for having these items mailed to you. They will be mailed Royal Mail 2nd Class, at our expense.



You have rights to cancel an order, and to return unwanted or defective goods. Some of the products we provide, particularly those that are MADE TO ORDER, may be exempt from the regulations governing order cancellation. If you wish to cancel an order, or return any item(s), please follow this link:-




Products sold on our website are fit for the purposes described and do not contain any toxic or harmful substances.

Purchasers of our products must inspect them at appropriate intervals to determine any wear-and-tear, and must take appropriate action to ensure the goods are not allowed to deteriorate to a point where they present a risk to others (either people or animals).

We provide our products and services with the understanding that the products will be used responsibly by the purchaser(s) or end-users, and that such usage will be in accordance with the products' designed or stated purposes.

The owners of this website and all our agents, are not liable for any damages, injury or harm caused to any person or animal as a result of inappropriate use or, or application of, the products we sell. We will assume that anyone ordering products from us intends to use them for the sole purpose for which they have been designed, and according to the purpose which we describe on this website. We, nor our agents and partners, including affilates, suppliers, sales people, manufacturing personnel, accept any liability for misuse of the product, or any consequence of using the product negligently or carelessly.



All content of this website are copyright. Images and text used to describe our products and services may not be reproduced either manually or electronically, unless specific permission is granted by the owners of the website.



BETTATAGS adheres to the conditions specified in the UK Distance Selling Regulations and the conditions specified in UK Ecommerce Regulations.

We operate under English Law (England & Wales) and in any case of litigation will apply the laws of England & Wales.



BETTATAGS believes strongly in the principles of equality and mutual respect in all spheres of life. The company, its officers, employees and stakeholders will not discriminate against any person or group on the basis of gender, race, religion or social/economic standing. Additionally, we will not actively engage in business activities with companies, people or societies that do not enshrine (either in law or in social discourse) the fundamental principles of human rights, do not engage in practices that constitute modern slavery or exploitation, or otherwise discriminate based on gender, race and creed. We extend this principle to animals, as well as the planet's environment in general.


Our full PRIVACY POLICY can be seen HERE.

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