SSL - Why is it important on an eCommerce site?


SSL stands for SECURE SOCKET LAYER There are TWO main reasons why SSL is important.

  1. SSL is a process that encrypts information before it is sent over the internet. This encryption process is extremely secure, so if the information is intercepted while in transit, the person intercepting it will probably not be able to decode it. SSL is activated on our site only when such sensitive information is being transmitted - for example: when you send us a message, or provide your name and address. We make sure that this data is safe and cannot be stolen by internet hackers.

  2. SSL also verifies that you are at the website you BELIEVE you are at. Some crooks create sites to look and behave like existing, honest websites, and find ways to mask the website address to make you think you are on the site you intended visiting. Meanwhile, you could be at a false site that LOOKS identical to the one you were intending to visit. SSL ensures that the URL displayed in your browser address bar is the TRUE url of the site you are visiting.

    Many webshop owners fail to install SSL on their sites, meaning that customers have no way of quickly verifiying if they are at the true website, and secondly, when you send your name and address and order information, it is in plain text (not encrypted) so if someone intercepts it, they can easily read it and use it for fraudulent purposes.

    When it is necessary to use SSL, our website will prefix the web address with HTTPS. At other times, the web address is simply HTTP.

    So there are some RISKS using a site that does not have SSL. If you have doubts, you should telephone the site owner to check things. Also, the site should display a legitimate UK PHYSICAL ADDRESS. UK Webshops that do not provide a UK PHYSICAL ADDRESS and a UK TELEPHONE NUMBER are breaking the law (Distance Selling Regulations) and should be treated with suspicion!